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 [CAFE] 110110 Dalmatian Mission Impossible – Announcement of the 1st Mission

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MesajSubiect: [CAFE] 110110 Dalmatian Mission Impossible – Announcement of the 1st Mission   Mar Ian 18, 2011 4:09 am

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Dalmatian Mission Impossible – Announcement of the 1st Mission

Dalmates! Happy New Year!!

In starting off the new year,
Dalmatian’s official fan café ‘Dalmate’ has provided a special event for you all.

And it’s called
‘Dalmatian Mission Impossible!!!’

What is ‘Dalmatian Mission Impossible’~~~~

Before the release of Dalmatian’s first mini album, there will be a mission each week.
For those who complete the missions, we will then choose randomly as we will give a special gift! This is the special event,

This is a mission with Dalmatian members, as well as a chance to win a special gift.
We will wait on Dalmates to complete the missions!

First off! The first mission!


From Monday January 10, 2011 to Sunday January 16, 2011.


Make a topic in all internet sites of ‘Bbangku’ and make him the 2nd Sanggeun!
[*T/N: Sanggeun is the dog featured in 1N2D; click here]

First method to solving the mission

Including ‘Dalmate’ the fan café, all Dalmatian related fan cafes, and personal blogs/minihompys,
You can create a topic that features ‘Bbangku’ in an internet site you are registered on with a lot of members and somewhere that can be easily found through search.

The resources you need may be taken from the ‘From: BBANGKU’ section or the pictures of Bbangku uploaded from the members’ Twitter accounts.

Second method to solving the mission

After you have created a topic in a site, you can either provide a cap of the topic or a link to the topic and leave it in the ‘달마시안 스페셜에 열린 달마시안 미션임파서블-1’ section in the Dalmate fan café.

Title your topic in the café ‘미션 도전’

And inside your topic, write
‘미션 완료.’

For those who complete the mission, you can create other attempts in the mission within the duration.

Example of a mission

*First off~
You create a topic within a internet site that has a lot of members and can be easily searched (also, you must be a registered member on that site) about ‘Bbangku’!!!

*Next~ You either take a cap of the topic or copy the link of the URL.

*Come back to the Dalmate café and click ‘달마시안 미션 임파서블-1’ on the sidebar!

*Click 글쓰기

*Title your topic ‘미션 도전’

*In the body of the topic below your cap/link, write 미션 완료.

*Finish uploading your mission topic.

The winner of the prize

Amongst those who complete the mission, the winner will be chosen based on the humor of the topic, high amount of views/replies, and the members choosing their favorites. The fair and dignified Dalmatian members will be the judges.

The prize of the first mission

The only Dalmatian Polaroid picture in the entire universe


A love letter from the members to only one chosen person.

There will be only one chosen person and the members will choose one after discussing through.

When the winner will be announced


*You cannot repeat the same caps and/or links (they must be all different mission attempts)
*You cannot attempt missions on the fan café, any Dalmatian-related sites, and/or your personal sites.
*If you happen to link a topic and the topic becomes deleted, you fail in the mission automatically.
*Don’t break the rules of the sites you will be posting in. Follow their rules & upload the topic.

For the Dalmates who have questions regarding the mission, please leave it in a reply here. We will reply here.

In seeing lots of completed missions from Dalmates!
We will wait on it!!!

Next week, we will come back with a filling prize for mission 2.
Coming soon~!!!!


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[CAFE] 110110 Dalmatian Mission Impossible – Announcement of the 1st Mission
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